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293 not allow to go p东莞狼友蒲友论坛eacefully
发布时间:2021-03-16 00:00

" wind snow night puts in a fine 's charge " Yun Yue Ye / , this chapter in all 4166 words, update at: 2019-09-18 16:35

Shen Anqi again this man opposite side remittent looked ten up and down to make a round trip: "I dare not believe really, all the time since the person that I know, or pursues my person, or pursues my skill, you are done so, graph what? Graph what??

"The stability of graph the Milky way, the future of myself, still have, beside me those I must be protected, even the future that I cherish the person that be very fond of very much.

Shen Anqi's eye is blurred: "Cherish, be very fond of -- need not they make any sacrifice, also pay no attention to any redound? Also pay no attention to any redound??

"In your heart, if have a very important ideal all the time, at the moment, can be an opportunity really. Resemble Everyman in that way, talk to have the love of Yue of two affection photograph only, mix next Everyman is same, drape marry the garment, second birth a child. Be like me in one's childhood general, that child can be received by what you do a mother this send fluctuation to learn, mix again with age the child is happy and carefree amuse oneself, grown, seek a steady job, repeating this kind is smooth and steady. Repeating this kind is smooth and steady..

Shen Anqi is full of hope for look to wear him: "Really such, then I also am finished this all one's life thinks my mom most finished job. Then I also am finished this all one's life thinks my mom most finished job..

Pass 3 days again, he Tian receives Cai Qing He to leave hospital personally.

Cai Qing He this boy fitness as expected very good, common person ability of a month returns to normal, he just left hospital, perverse greatly perverse, act recklessly is about to be being grabbed drive.

A boy of piece of Yun Tingxin arrangement can be on driver's seat, call Hu Fangming, also be the ace that learns fist of the five elements, skill flying knife, the Qing He that compare Cai is hit so that return essence of life to allow.

Cai Qing He is stupefied, can not work next, must counterpoise the control of steering wheel to grab come over.

He Tian can fall to him only assure: "Have me one day when be in, I am all the steering wheel of the car, put in you 's charge to be in charge of. Put in you 's charge to be in charge of..

"True? "True??

"True. "True..

Eye of ox of Cai clear conspicuous this ability not glare, giggle: "This is good. That I these two days of as it happens rest. " this ability is not grabbed.

Zhang Yunting is carrying Cai Qing He in front open circuit, after Hu Fangming carries He Tian, the face follows. Just went up high speed, congratulate day mobile phone rang. The incoming telegram shows be different from common, hetian receives at once rise: "Hello, hunan uncle, are you free how suddenly look for me? Are you free how suddenly look for me??

After 15 minutes, hu Fangming drives the car to flying dragon to go vacationing village. To Jiang Bian the road of warm cabinet had been sealed, allow He Tian only a person goes in. A person is in Chu Tielong in warm cabinet. He Tian opens the door come in, respectfully: "Hunan uncle. "Hunan uncle..

"Sit. "Sit..

"Hey. " He Tian sits opposite Chu Tielong.

The distance wants what change the Milky way blood greatly to still do not exceed 10 days last time, chu Tielong sees suddenly about, let with Hunan Tie Long comparing, aptitude returns far insufficient He Tianfei constant perturbed.

He Tian also does not know the other side is about to want what to talk about with oneself.

"Hunan uncle, " he removed an opening remarks constrainedly, "Secondary replaces the job of young wise man on, I think, I still should become a detailed explanation with you. The land major that basically awaits international division in those days... "

"Days small! " Chu Tielong is interrupted he.

"Haw. " He Tian does not have cause, heart actually one cold.

Chu Tielong says: "I hear of, you give Shen Anqi put. You give Shen Anqi put..

"Ah? " how does He Tian also want to be less than, he wants to say with oneself, it is this thing actually, "That person, I feel, after all young wise man is take a fancy to -- "

"The more such, I cannot make her living more. I leave my native place, learn skill with the master, encounter your father again later, after learning skill of big the former feminine and negative, sought hegemony east city, I am begged without place, only young wise man, I must make sure he is 100 percent safe, still have prospect. You a moment ago said, land major is stared at went up Shen Anqi. Land major is stared at went up Shen Anqi..

"Haw, yes. Yes..

"International division accepts the person of killer group impossibly, especially her a copy kept as a record, saying is evil doing full of stains or spots had not been. Light is iron city jail that one thing, the court-martial that combines ** quite is sentenced again. I am betted really do not rise! I am betted really do not rise!!

"That you now, want put sb out of the way she? Want put sb out of the way she??

"Chen Tong is you the power that good not easy draw sb over to one's side reachs, I am not embarrassed you, not embarrassed also he. Not embarrassed also he..

Hot sweat drippings on congratulate day forehead: "Uncle of uncle of many thanks Hunan, many thanks Hunan. "Uncle of uncle of many thanks Hunan, many thanks Hunan..

"She took your money, what got you are made again is affirmatory, she should return your gift. I had sent a person to convey, say the meaning that is you, an Qi letting Shenyang goes assassinate Yu Ming China. An Qi letting Shenyang goes assassinate Yu Ming China..

"Is this to want make use of other person to get rid of an enemy? "Is this to want make use of other person to get rid of an enemy??

Chu Tielong nods.

Hetian ponders moment, feel inappropriate from beginning to end: "Don't have the method of other satisfy rival claims really? Hunan uncle, I am to say, if can make the relation between young wise man and this woman thoroughly terminative, that still has the word of other method, do you upright not to mind me to try? Do you upright not to mind me to try??

Look of Hunan iron dragon shines: "True can such, also can. Also can..

He Tian grows hiss at a heat: "Without giving thought to how, or first from assassinate Yu Ming China begins. Hunan uncle, begin from now, I must use the personnel of the Milky way of your at hand. I must use the personnel of the Milky way of your at hand..

These days, the president of divine dragon group fit of chronic illness of heart and vessels of Yu Ming China, stay in the accomplishment in Ning Chuan's home everyday, hear east city the not successful progress of a battle there, whole person mind even more not beautiful.

Industry of the drug austral the Huaihe River because the cause of narcotics case, fell!

Inferior power by embroil of industry of the drug austral the Huaihe River, lost Yuan Hang not to say, market of capital construction data also is pounded, day-to-day be in debt, almost endowment not pay a debt in kind or by labour.

Ming Rui, this first time transforms the dress company that after making, makes money all the time, in the fight hand to hand with beautiful meaning repeatedly battle is defeated repeatedly, nowadays, the money of the HOME company that leaves Kelaishi is cast completely, resolve financial crisis constrainedly just now.

Divine dragon group, the surface as before effulgent, head of in one's heart, arrived however critical hour!

The god still has landed company below dragon banner, this is the company that makes money exclusively, but, the problem that a few companies appear above, cut off the capital catenary of group interior very likely. Landed company, those who play is the game of money. Money once short story, the company was over.

Block develop in divine dragon a few on road big obstacles: Congratulate listen wind, He Tian, Chu Tielong, Chu Zhengzhe, can die two many good ah!

But, unluckily their life how so tenacious? Arrived almost how does circumvent also attack amaranthine room for action!

With granddaughter Xu Xiaoman understands a telephone call, xu Xiaoman tells him Chu Zhengzhe rescues He Ningxi's message already smoothly, yu Ming China says: "Reforming actual strength, wait for an opportunity, we again firm firm clears away them. " drop a telephone call, that this with respect to not quite healthy and aged heart faint uncomfortable rise.

Close-fitting assistant small Zhao sees shape takes drug hastily, yu Ming China took two drug, cardiac is unwell feeling slowly disappear, he very pant, lie on sofa partly, this ability stabilizes the mood slowly.

Chamberlain often goes outside Qin Cong, go at direct beside, say gently: "At direct, aperture deputy always came. Aperture deputy always came..

Yu Ming China listens, just shut the eye that come is opened quickly, dispirited psychosis also gets ameliorative, before sound also is compared cool and bright, say: "Let him quickly come in. "Let him quickly come in..

Kong Yanian of group vise general manager changed shoe, come in from outside.

Small Zhao hands or feet is agile come up tea bubble, smilingly of Yu Ming China says to Kongyanian: "Inferior year, will quickly sit. " the tea that pointing to small Zhao bubble to come up says: "My firm Mao Feng, pick on feral tea tree, had tasted. Had tasted..

Kong Yanian sits, that is special since end the white porcelain cup that match, watch first dark brown, next light smell tea is sweet, light tootle opens even float to return future to must be reached in surface heavy the tea that enters benthic, shallow close lightly readily. Boiled water passes the tip of the tongue, had shed glossal face, light agonized slowly medicinal powder after oral cavity is medium, a Gan Tian coils instead from glossal root...

Very those who enjoy, kong Yanian puts the teacup.

"It is good tea really. " he is laughing, to dark China say.

Yu Ming China is very serious the look that sees him taste tea, look, laugh: "Be, also only you know tea so, had been tasted, what just know it is good. " say at the same time, oneself also carry a cup.

Claver, let the atmosphere between person and person become relaxed and cheerful.

The business with Yu Ming careladen China is very much, at the moment, also no hurry to discuss official business immediately. Kong Yanian very the heart that knows him, say from tea path, say tea is made, say tea set, say violet arenaceous the distinction with china, return and Yu Ming China discusses, can go appropriate is promoted or Jingdezhen is cleaned out again, some more naughty the good thing that collects value comes back.

Yu Ming China says: "I bought a house in Sydney, often do not wish to go. " Australia ground wide person is rare, lively be used to the Chinese wants to grow, really unaccustomed. Yu Ming China says then: "Be in home, in hill, buy a land, build a house, recuperate recuperate, very pretty good. very pretty good..

Kong Yanian nods saying is, then two people talk disperse the internal heat with sudorifics with respect to such topic, speak of finally a mountainous area go vacationing villatic construction.

The topic arrives here, even if enter subject. Kong Yanian comes today, namely to the solution that signs up for insecurity of landed company capital at Dong Hui.

Kong Yanian says: "Two mine of Shanxi, I already negotiate. This day rises, can turn to our company under one's name. Can turn to our company under one's name..

The expression of Yu Ming China tends earnest. Xiaozhao lighted a cigar for him, he is smoked at the same time brood at the same time, a long time, just say: "Surname that gigantic boss, our condition, did he agree? Did he agree??

Super-cooling light shines in Kong Yanian's eye, say: "This also is not the job that he can control. President, you know me, since be the thing that must want to had been done, I do not make it successful, how the face still comes back to see you. How the face still comes back to see you..

Look of Yu Ming China he is one, call in after the look, slowly path: "You are very able, also very devotion, the company can move smoothly go down, I won't treat unfairly you. " here, yu Ming China remembers Xu Xiaoman suddenly the thing there, like toothache lick one's lips.

Kong Yanian exquisite is clinking, guess immediately trifling. Silent period of time, kong Yanian to dark China say: "At direct, I know a person, there is a person below the hand. Marksmanship is very accurate, strike pretty good also. Strike pretty good also..

Yu Ming China heaves a sigh: "Again how pretty good, the Milky way is holding Hua Dong, we are here, do not work what to give. Do not work what to give..

Kong Yanian is laughing to say: "At direct, sheet considers actual strength, that gens does not have our nature and congratulate listen wind law comparing. But, be somebody is being pressed above congratulate listen wind? Since the power that general manager of Wang Wei advance gave us to bring large tube-shaped part to get, so old come, can we be downwind downstream? Can we be downwind downstream??

Yu Ming China listens, ask immediately: "How, do you want to replace seat of Wang Wei advance? Do you want to replace seat of Wang Wei advance??

Kong Yanian shows awkward scene slightly, then, laugh rapidly again, say: "At direct, my meaning, we can be in we already on some foundations, make long-term plan. " , receive on a moment ago word says: "All the time since, it is we are pressing He Jiana two father and son. It is we are pressing He Jiana two father and son..

Yu Ming China " hum " , leng Ran interrupts: "But not certain, those two companies that congratulate listen wind establishs -- beautiful meaning and the Milky way, a few this years movement comes down, earn is worn greatly. The Ming Rui in hand of my grandson daughter, be squeezed so that do not have even the position of the station quickly. Be squeezed so that do not have even the position of the station quickly..

Kong Yanian shakes his head however, say: "This is an idea only. "This is an idea only..

He says motion of Yu Ming China.

Kong Yanian receives go down: "I think, since we had depended on large tube-shaped part is gotten, the consideration on the strategy, we should be not gotten minute of rift. What is our most important thing? " stopped, say: "Place in a certain position look line and hand, father and son of surveillant congratulate home, and can provide a means at any time take the most appropriate action. And can provide a means at any time take the most appropriate action..

East city the thing there, kong Yanian knows, although not quite detailed, but already enough the condition that holds general interest.

Kong Yanian says: "Large tube-shaped part gets the degree that had reached to cannot mediate with the contradiction between congratulate home father and son. "Large tube-shaped part gets the degree that had reached to cannot mediate with the contradiction between congratulate home father and son..

Yu Ming China cuts off his word again, ask: "This, you from why be informed? You from why be informed??

Kong Yanian says: "The issue that marks is the forest a lot of years ago circus wagonly at Dong Hai? " cost Er dispatchs enough hand and firepower, finally, a fine hair on the human body that joins a target also does not have finish. That year, it is the soldier that the son He Tian of congratulate listen wind withdraws. He Tian uses him, hold off Kelaishi's gun. Kelaishi did not kill him unexpectedly, still end the operation.

"But, " after Kongyanian calls the memory before removing Yu Ming China a few years, the topic of conversation turns, say: "This, the meaning above, it is a person however be in bank east dry He Tian. It is a person however be in bank east dry He Tian..

"Be right! " Yu Ming China is recalled suddenly come over.

Those who serve as light child in the light of east city district draws the person that takes an organization painstakingly -- Yu Ming China, return Han Kesi of be not a patch on to rely on top layer actually a few closer. In them this inside a flock of people, master Mu Jiwei secret and most is cost Er, nevertheless, this get Lan Ren ably, now already by put sb out of the way is fought in the nest.

Yu Ming China listened Kongyanian's word, just join realize, feeling Kongyanian is analysed really is a bit fault also do not have.

He says to Kongyanian: "You a moment ago said, we are pressing congratulate home father and son all the time, actually, that moment is not a fish when dead net is broken. That moment is not a fish when dead net is broken..

Kong Yanian nods, say: "Yes. "Yes..

"And now -- "

Kong Yanian receives go down: "The Milky way has mixed the young lady local villain two batches of force beat back, if they do not consider sit still waiting for death, perhaps, can be opposite actively we are adverse. Can be opposite actively we are adverse..

Yu Ming China listened, those who feel he says is very reasonable.

Kong Yanian says: "So, at direct, I feel, a few able people are being added beside you is should. It is to be him protection not just safe, if, you also can find a faithful in that way like Chu Tielong at hand, false with time, we do not need to lean way of this locality fierce, also do not need to rely on large tube-shaped part to get assist, our autarky, be first-rate? Be first-rate??

Yu Ming China laughed, pointing to him to say: "You ah, what thing arrives in your mouth, total meeting reverses a pattern. Total meeting reverses a pattern..

Kong Yanian gets complimentary, smile more fill, also cannot help in the heart jauntily.

Yu Ming China says: "After Wang Qiao was done not have, general manager position is vacant all the time. Original, inferior power entwine you, now inferior power business also does no less than going to, change the thing in the company after making you give others. Change the thing in the company after making you give others..

Kong Yanian says: "We make iron and steel, also not be to make money originally. Also not be to make money originally..

Yu Ming China says: "Be, how should do below, you are clearer than me, I also did not say more. I also did not say more..

Nuo of Kong Yanian Nuo in order to answer.

Passed a little while, yu Ming China just says to him: "Wang Qiao's position, wait for you to had gotten ready the mining industry of Shanxi, with respect to replace. With respect to replace..

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