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Th东莞狼友蒲友论坛e 19th chapter
发布时间:2021-03-15 00:00

" search south this night heart " Xie Jiu is fat / , this chapter in all 2078 words, update at: 2019-10-24 10:20

My love story is not met very complex, although before had had sad past event, but love each other to be used without method so really bear go evasive oneself mood, the person that injures finally after all still is the person that he loves most very much.

Zhao Naxuan also is not what god, he actually very common, having various drawback with all men, I also am, in all living things, go on the avenue that person bearer goes same to be flooded by the sea of faces.

\ " heart, I say with you, high do not see him be held out to you at ordinary times south gentle, this boy, making fun of a disposition can not be general then owe smoke. At ordinary times if have what thing,do not manage he, nature is good also. The father of \" Na Xuan is raised to me action.

I laugh and not language, his disposition I already experience arrived, at ordinary times so 1000 according to 100 suitable, if speaking out, that is to listening really sweet and not be bored with. If do not take care to offend him, that is the end that one foot carries a tiger really, although be not sent power that also is frightened so that you die partly.

\ " pa, my where has you to say so extraordinary, now ah, I but by domestic cat, so ah, you are not thinking over to destroy my perfect form before heart again, trashy. \ "

After the family since He Naxuan meets formally, always receive the care of Zhao mom, zhao father knows I like to collect all sorts of barpque adornment, regular meeting helps me advertent, from time to time still can give me the surprise that expect is less than. Jealous of a small room austral Zhao, say parents has put attention on my body, to his this height child hardly what care, my happy laugh is worn, the heart thanks them to return very much really can so the person that is very fond of the son that I had harmed them this to love most.

\ " Na Xuan, I like them really very much, very kind-hearted really, they seem to had been not written down is me those who kill the son that you change not to answer them to once was familiar with. \ "

After traffic accident, as a result of Na Xuan facial ministry is inflicted heavy losses on, must have plastic of facial ministry skin, former model also is answered again do not go.

\ " is not your fault, I had never thought so, my pa Mom they also are not such idea, heart, fasten cranky? We already come to an agreement or understanding begin afresh, I do not think you still remember those bad things. \ "

I know \ " , zhao Naxuan is in all the time, I never also had left, so I won't think. \" I smile, hold Zhao Naxuan in arms.

Na Xuan of Zhao of my spank stanch kisses the lip that come down, still a thing does not have complete settlement, although I believe him, but what still say to be clear about first is good, after I can not think, this becomes the □ □ that the heart resents to quarrel for excuse with this.

Is your beautiful Ni is like \ " to use situation to you general deep ah? You answer a word to the family however! I can not think the adorer that follows you negotiates almost everyday. \ "

\ " slaves girl that too small still, I had been handled, be at ease, you won't see her again! \" Zhao Naxuan says for certain.

It is too beyond the mark that you fasten \ " , you also say the other people is young still, just liked you to stop, I won't too care about. I say \" sincerely, what do not hope he hurts family girl really is too heavy, I know his this person, the person that true rejection does not like, that is the firm that gave to surprise, I did not understand, how so much small lamb still can get on this to wrapping around madly the wolf of sheepskin.

\ " won't too care about? \" his sound go up slightly raise, in order to show his present mood very bad. \ " at heart. \" his sound is very quiet, the tooth that I felt him however is in \ " the noise of \" .

\ " is won't too the jubilation that cares about those notting matter, I know your heart is already complete belong to me. \" I with thickskinned say.

Is \ " so self-confident? \" he is abrupt hum laugh.

\ " fastens be insatiable! ? Of \" my get angry see him.

\ " knew. \ "

Near lunar end, the business of the company is very much, about the same two many chapel did not come home have a meal. Dream cropland phones me, girl saying girl thinks me. I say darlingly to come home to eat a meal together on the weekend. Feel that dream cropland is very happy, I am actually same also, without giving thought to how, it is blood thick the family member at water. Although once we had had not happy past event, but these year, they are in very the attention of the intention is worn everything my. Although father still can is opposite my sarcastic comments, but I am clear, his worry is very fond of me, just was used to a love to me to be concealed in the heart. I know, these year, he is the marriage that cares me most, I know all the time, those good man students are not coincidence appears in mine all round. True, I am to hit touch in heart. Mom is same also, every time comes home, so much the vegetable that I love to eat is placed on the table, still know I do not agree live in, the food that I what always let dream cropland prepare her love to eat sends me the place that live.

Wept insensibly, there am me altruisticly like who should doing not have to be able to resemble family, stand over to awaiting me all the time.

What Na Xuan says is right, I am a capricious child, always meet the person that is very fond of oneself in virtually harm, and persistently forward, won't turn round, also never give the impression of weakness.

\ " that such I do you like even? \ "

\ " likes, understanding aches, stubborn bad girl, I am not put those who fall is foolish girl. Not too protect oneself? I want to guard you, unlock a bit, let me go in, the heart that I ever can get hurt you today slowly gives had filled, won't let it get hurt again. \ "

I look at him surprisingly, how can he know, know I am having a heart that has sufferred an injury.

My lachrymal gland resembles broken and same, do not stop risk outside. Conceal so long heart abrupt be exposed, be full of so painful. I dare not see Zhao Naxuan's eye, miss the child of err thing, low head, persistently the tear flows.

I never had thought, he will be so clear my heart. I think him hidden is very good all the time. I fear to get hurt, the person that I fear to be liked discards, the person that fears to be cared about is disregarded. But all the time since I am so live. Confused the child that the road gets like, a person, ground of the effort in boundless and indistinct desolation is living, cautious all the time forward, search the oasis of life, slowly, forgot to rely on others, oneself hold oneself sky in the palm, till some day, abrupt somebody tells me: Actually you need not be used so tired, I am in, pulling me, I can bring you fresh air and clean water. That momently, I am complete broke down.

\ " is good, did not cry again, see you open his mind so for the first time, very happy really, do you know, every time you quarrel with me, it is you leave first, every time the figure that I see you leave me, I am met very feel distressed, I know, the warmth that you want is in again leave you far, but, heart, do you know? Want you to turn round only, with respect to meeting discovery, I am in all the time, my bosom is in all the time open wide for you, it is you only, also did not stop. \ "

Be? Is he in all the time? Wait for me?

I hold him in arms, closely lean close, very warm.

\ " thanks you to still be in. \ "

Originally book head hair comes from17K novel net, read original content for a short while!

The author sends word: Preparation opens new language, very cruel very of cruel the sort of! If you want to cry, remember look for bit of tear! Predict bottom and everybody will meet in October!

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