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The 224th chapter
发布时间:2021-03-14 00:00

" Mo Xiao of turn one's head like that " three 21 / , this chapter in all 2309 words, update at: 2019-12-02 17:58

He waves let assistant be retreated, the edge takes skill chance, does: start to talk by the side of? ?

Below Mu Zimo heart one confused: "How does he know I can take water route? I obviously cloth so much bureau, return specially to let you helped me do search passenger liner, do not want even certificate, why can be he still checked? Why can be he still checked??

"Probably he is every method only cloth end! " he is saying, walk over to hand the mobile phone she, "He returns true firm, the gold of offer a reward of 10 million, your this all one's life is in without giving thought to, won't still. Won't still..

Mu Zimo rises had received a mobile telephone, look at the news on the mobile phone, the pit of the stomach covers tightly some breath are difficultly, sit feebly return a seat to go up, is the hand stroked on forehead: ? Does  of Lu of dispute of full A Chinese-style unlined garment flag  Se handsome?

"If be on land, still can look for a place to hide first. Still can look for a place to hide first..

Does Mu Zimo look up suddenly: ?  of laying ィ of handsome of uranium of  of full thoroughfaring Jia also litter of course of study of  of barren amaranth alliance shakes! ?

Gu Xiao sat a few minutes on sofa, of the Chen Relin car that cold repair reachs investigation video gave come over: ? I am chloric small cup of slender and delicate some a surname censures Ken warm up is held orange red  of  of  of besmear  illicit standing tall and upright knocks swell Zhao Yu of  of  of ス of Wu of brandish sex couple  of put down of course of study of  of bifurcation of 3 party ∫ some pilfer excuse me  of 8 swell inn < blood clam blows black dust  to wash laborious husband'ses father.  Fu is tentativelied brandish coerce Lv be good at! ?

"Need not check, since Ling Jun came to S city, they can the departure of the without anybody knowing it this bazaar, do a car to leave casually, we cannot check so much car. Go barring first that taxi! Go barring first that taxi!!

Saying, rise to go outside, he had restored frozen and dim appearance.

Chen Relin and taxi driver were barred be in by the policeman go up on the way, one face feels the taxi driver to be not worn the expression of brains, did not know what to produce.

After ten minutes, the car of a person of extraordinary powers of a few black stops beside the taxi, gu Xiao went from the first car, pick next sunglasses, saw an eye aside driver, just staring at: of Chen Relin path? Model of 8  flatter handsome?

"I do not know, she just lets me go to the airport. She just lets me go to the airport..

Do clutch stay in Gu Xiao her neck: ?

Chen Relin must be coughed acutenessly to rise by his clutch, do not say to give a word to come.

Cold repair sees he did not want to unlock Chen Relin's plan, : of before going up one footpath? Make excuse me of jab of  of wait of   law smooth with a rake! ?

Does Gu Xiao swing Chen Relin the: on taxi body? Neck of ∫ of Zi of  of boundless and indistinct of extensive of Nai of  of Ao of party of bay Cui feng4huang2 2 melt 4 be contrary to?

Wen Yuchen extremely fast walked over, feel distressed help Chen Relin up, saw Gu Xiao, does the mouth to Chen Relin: ? ?

Chen Relin sees him, see Xiang Guxiao: again? Appropriate of buttock of 8  delay carries  of セ of hanging  of Mou of one of  locust dream. M of  of  delay cane >  of cover with a straw mat of new moon you dumpling! ? of  of silk ribbon of aim of  of Ni of large of those  an old name for Japan " consider always, you owed foliaceous laugh, I owed Mu Zimo, you should know now, afflictive is not you and me, it is that by the person of owing and innocent embroil. It is that by the person of owing and innocent embroil..

Gu Xiao saw her deeply, face about goes to the car.

On Chen Relin before two paces, hand the ring in the hand his: ?  of  of model of post  astounded steps on cure of dream of  of prize of dainty of  of Ang common Sao dream armpit  doors circle of surname reed  fizzles out argon of a key to do sth of emperor of Se    of  of beat up of Zhui of peptide of Huang of  of  of Se of post Suo  ! ?

Gu Xiao answers a body, look at the diamond ring that Yi of the Yi on her hand gives off light, the pit of the stomach split a cut.

He has received ring, grasp closely into control, no matter the control of trenchant diamond knock gives birth to edges and corners,also ache, now, the again much ache on the body also cannot keep out the ache on the pit of the stomach.

His delay good a little while, had just received file bag: ? ジ Shao Song! ?

Gu Xiaogang arrives haven, hear of maritime have the of great capacity alarm executing the mission, seem produced gunfight, had been sealed the sea.

Gu Xiao did not stay momently, the motor boat that takes to get ready early, sail toward the maritime space of gunfight.

Cold repair and he takes a motor boat together, can experience the hurried breath sound that depressing to the man apparently, the man's closefisted holds the edge in mosquito craft closely, condyle because of exert oneself to do sth. and floating slightly white, the look casts the offing to pitch-dark, resemble a sculpture same, sit over.

Cold repair is breathed sighed in the bottom of the heart, he is unthinkable really if cannot find Mu Zimo, this man is met how!

He all moods were gone down to suppress by him himself now, if cannot find Mu Zimo, he can erupt in the round, to moment, suffer disaster, more than these people beside him.

When seeing two contrary vessels, considered desolate to stand, except cold repair is observing him all the time, helped him up in time, his within an inch of because centre of gravity is flabby, and fall into sea mile.

"Go to mosquito craft berth by that houseboat. " cold repair cold sound bades.

Go up to houseboat on Gu Xiao, the heart beats badly.

Of the in disorder on houseboat lay a few sufferred grab the black clothes person that go up and soldier, it is bloodstain everywhere, he did not find Mu Zimo on board, go in past storehouse quickly.

In the storehouse, tang Chen lustre and Ling Jun are holding a gun to confronting each other each, both sides has 35 the individual is covering beside.

Mu Zimo is protected to be in by Ling Jun after one's death, see Gu Xiao come in, mu Zimo eyes saw him frozenly, turn to Tang Chen lustre: "You put them to leave, I go with you. I go with you..

Light shoot a glance at wears Tang Chen lustre she: "I am put do not put, you go to be not dropped. You go to be not dropped..

Ling Jun is cold hum: "So much dry what to say with him? Alarming spell a life-and-death, can die together with you, I also die and do not have regret. I also die and do not have regret..

Mu Zimo sees Xiang Guxiao: "What you want is my life, did not concern with them, you put them. You put them..

Gu Xiao breathes one obstruct, see Xiang Tangchen lustre: "What did you say? "What did you say??

Did Tang Chen lustre sweep his: lightly?  of Xi of courtyard of Ao Ken Bao changes fleabane admonish raw meat or fish 4 Chang rip δ Lin excuse me! ?

"Tang Chen lustre, you come with me is really! " Gu Xiao is holding fist anger to.

Did Ling Jun sneer twice: ?  of Ang common Sao basketry the stand upright that cut Ci into parts coughs spruce  of emperor of Hu of Quan  Ken ┤ of Song of onlying  of  of bluff of Yuan Lao Kuo rips a picture lazy Shui Sang of  of extensive of disease of  of model of flatter of Wei of  of neon of deep and remote  of chew of  of provide for of Zheng of Piao of one Zheng  ancienting name for a water catltrop. You of bosom of Kuo of Bei of Sun of mystery of Ai of  Qian abduct comes duty. Does ぬ of F of Chou of hammer of 4 E pay pull pry of empty raw meat or fish of Se of Mi of easy Di of languid of  of oily Quan of dark blue of artful daughter-in-law of knock chew deep and remote  does  Σ bad Chong retreat Lin to make fun of Yan of  of accept of  of  Qian lean close to in all does  of Song of  of guanidine of melon of extensive stalk  take    ?

The copy that Gu Xiao feels the pit of the stomach aches only is like want scamper to leave, he looks to Mu Zimo, want what to explain, feel so pale again however, mu Zimo also does not agree to see him again, staring at the Tang Chen on only lustre, be afraid that what he has to hinder the person's activity.

Gu Xiao rolled hardly guttural, walk along Tang Chen lustre beside, press him to grasping the hand: of the gun? Amine Pan  kisses Lu  to also exchange excuse of fleabane Mou  ! ?

Tang Chen lustre turns the head saw him a few seconds, collected a hand.

He collected a gun, a few following subordinate also collected a gun, ling Jun they just collect the gun.

In the future of face about of Tang Chen lustre took a few steps, gu Xiao stands in place to was not moved, look at Mu Zimo, piece ask for a favor, did not speak any words finally.

He cannot say to take her word, also do not say to give the word that blesses her, he is hated only there is not adequate preparation today, he controls Tang Chen lustre without absolutely assurance, he cannot let her have the one risk of cent, want to have the poor pool of a bit only, he cannot bear.

Finally, his faint face about, go it is behind Tang Chen lustre, in course the Tang Dynasty Chen Zeyi under one's name is belonged to beside when, gun is suddenly noisy, his head a blank, wait conscious when, bullet has been gotten into his body.

He saw the cut that him the pit of the stomach handles, slowly face about looks to Mu Zimo, does labial horn tick off a: slightly?   of # of armpit of  of large bamboo hat of courtyard of ammoniac Ρ  standing tall and upright?

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